After a solo exhibition of paintings in 1971, work and life intervened so that I was unable to spend much time painting again until some 10 to 15 years ago when I had more time to indulge what has remained a lifelong passion.

I taught International Politics at Adelaide University specialising in Asian and particularly Chinese politics and economics. In the course of this work I undertook some twenty research trips to China and Taiwan and wrote a number of works primarily concerned with China's efforts to modernise.

Born on the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbour,  I am primarily a self-taught artist who has received considerable help from many artists, especially Robert Hannaford.

In 1996, I was appointed Deputy Chair of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts Inc. and I have been a convenor of the RSASA life drawing sketch group which I continue to attend.

I paint in oils and am interested in all subject matter including

Still life



Floral and figurative

I have a studio at home in Adelaide and exhibit there regularly, and always during SALA in August.

After nearly twenty years of full-time painting and a life-time studying painting, I continue to find great satisfaction in the challenges that have absorbed artists for millennia.

Finding the colours, tones, shapes and compositions that convey on canvas the delight that nature generates remains my focus.